2023 Ballot



Congratulations to all of the inductees and to the Upperville Colt & Horse Show and Derby Finals for their annual awards! The Induction Ceremony will be held May 30th at the Merion Cricket Club during the Devon horse show.


Inductees for 2022

John French
Scott Stewart
Judy Kelley
Lu Thomas
Tom Wrigh

Henry The Hawk


Annual Awards

Horse Show of the Year (2021)

The Upperville Colt & Horse Show

Derby of the Year (2021)

Derby Finals


Trainers Choice Awards

Green Working: Autograph
Green Conformation:  Charlemagne
High Performance:  Lafitte De Muze
Regular Conformation:  For Always
Amateur Owner:  Chablis
Junior:  Consent
Owner of the Year: The Wheeler Family
Rider of the Year: Hunt Tosh
Horse of the Year Lafitte De Muze