The National Show Hunter Hall of Fame presents Annual Awards to the Horse Show of the Year and the Derby of the Year. Supporters of the Hall of Fame nominate shows and derbys for these awards. The top ten shows and the top six derbies are placed on a Hall of Fame voting ballot to determine the Horse Show of the Year and the Derby of the Year.


Horse Show of the Year (2022)

Menlo Charity

Derby of the Year (2022)

Upperville Colt & Horse Show



1st Year Green Working: Casanova Royal
2nd Year Green Working: Nottingham
Green Conformation:  Only Always
Regular Working:  Cannon Creek
Regular Conformation:  For Always
Amateur Owner:  Idolize
Junior:  Babylon
Owner of the Year: Kenneth Wheeler
Rider of the Year: Nick Haness
Horse of the Year: Cannon Creek

The Trainers Choice Awards are selected annually by the trainers of champions at the Top Ten Horse Shows of the Year.
These awards are to honor and recognize the owners of the outstanding champions at the pinnacle of our sport.


The National Show Hunter Hall of Fame is announcing that next year there will be a permanent change of the day of the Induction Dinner Ceremonies.

After consulting with exhibitors, owners, trainers, riders and spectators, the dinner will now be held on WEDNESDAY rather than on Tuesday. The reason for this change is to allow anyone who is interested in attending the induction dinner more time after the hunter classes finish.

  For further information or tickets please call 859-533-9676 or 617-320-2746 or email

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